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Friendly Three60 North Home Apartment Pet

If you are fond of pets like cats and dogs and you want to bring them along with you anywhere you go, Three60 North Home Apartment Pet allows residents to bring their pets along within the limits set by standard apartment policy on weight and breed.

Definitely, Three60 North Home Apartment Pet is a pet friendly community, and this adds up to making your apartment a real home. You can tag along a maximum of two pets within certain weight and breed restrictions.

As our way of appreciating pet animals, the Three60 North Home Apartment Pet allows dogs up to 25 pounds. Your furry friends should meet this weight requirement. We have also provided pet walk stations along the different blocks of the Three60 North Home Apartment Pet.

Cats would also be allowed and breed restrictions would apply to both cats and dogs. A non-refundable pet fee of $250 and $150 pet deposit for the first pet would be required. A $125 non-refundable pet fee and $125 pet deposit for second pet would also be required. Added to this is a rental fee of $15 per pet.

As a note, exotic pets like rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters and reptiles may not be allowed. Informing the office would be highly appreciated.

Three60 North Home Apartment Pet also acknowledges a trained animal to provide personal assistance to persons with obvious disabilities such as blind persons. The policy on deposit and rental would still apply to residents with a need for dogs who would perform services for them. Under this special situation, breed restrictions would also apply to both cats and dogs.

As a pet-friendly apartment community, Three60 North Home Apartment Pet complies with the Fair Housing Act that allows reasonable accommodations for service animals, including for therapy or emotional support.
We have designed and included a leash-free bark park where your dogs can roam freely for the day. On the whole it’s a secure and gated community, with well-paved paths, grass-green carpeted lawns, a wide concrete road within the apartment complex, and 2-storey buildings painted in attractive brown to light brown pastel color finish.

Let your dogs roam freely at the Three60 North Home Apartment Pet bark park. The park is placed on expansive grounds of excellent green grass lawn, surrounded by vertical steel fences and keeps your pets safe and running to express their excess energy and let them feel a moment of unbridled freedom.

The Three60 North Home Apartment Pet is a great amenity for your furry friends. you can visit site :